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Can't Afford to Take the Year Off

RR010920 DonohueJan. 9, 2019 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J. Donohue just gave his annual State of American Business address, where he outlined top priorities for the business community in the coming year. While acknowledging the complex political environment, Donohue called out top challenges that require bipartisan action in Washington, including a comprehensive infrastructure package, reforms to our immigration system, and solutions to climate change. “Does it sound like we can afford to take the year off?” Donohue asked. “Of course not – inaction is not an option. So, let’s flip the conventional wisdom that nothing gets done in an election year. It’s because it’s an election year that folks will want and need to be productive.” Look at what happened at the end of last year, when nothing was supposed to get done, Donohue said, pointing to the flurry of bipartisan legislative activity that took place in December including House passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Donohue also called for continued progress in rebuilding the political center and reasserted the Chamber’s commitment to reward bipartisanship and legislative courage. 

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Global Mining Community Heads to Las Vegas in September

RR010220 MINExpoLogoJan. 2, 2020 – In the world of mining, it’s never been more important to stay competitive. As digital capabilities open doors to new possibilities, companies are embracing advanced technologies to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and improve safety. Now is the time to discover new solutions to current operational issues, invest in innovation and embrace new technology – and there’s no better place to do that than MINExpo International. 

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Here Comes a New Year

RR050819 JohnsonDec. 30, 2019 – I think 2020 is going to be a banner year. Michael Johnson, president and CEO of the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, thinks so too. “As we turn the page to 2020, what was true before remains so now: the work of the past will yield results in the future," Johnson said. "We look to the new year with optimism on the strength of our association and our industry. The engagement of our members will continue to be the backbone of our efforts to be better together in pursuit of public policies that allow our members to succeed.” Happy New Year to all of you.

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Simonson Said

RR122319 AGCDec. 23, 2019 – Associated General Contractors (AGC) Chief Economist Ken Simonson is looking ahead to 2020. Despite staffing challenges, contractors are optimistic, on balance, regarding their hiring plans and the volume of work available in 2020 for nonresidential and multifamily construction, based on a survey that AGC just released. Respondents were asked whether the available dollar volume of projects they compete for would be higher or lower than in 2019. For all 13 categories of projects, between 27% and 36% of respondents expect a higher volume, while 10% to 21% expect a lower volume. (The remainder expects the volume to remain about the same.) The difference – the net reading – ranged from 25% positive for water and sewer construction down to 8% for private office construction. On balance, respondents were more optimistic than in the 2019 outlook survey for multifamily, infrastructure and institutional categories but less upbeat than before for other nonresidential building segments, Simonson said. 

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Did Quarry Blast Cause an Earthquake?

RR122019 WiartonQuakeDec. 20, 2019 – Did it or didn't it? A small tremor on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, appears to be the result of a quarry blast, according to Blackburn News. On Dec. 13, a 2.1 magnitude tremor with an epicentre 14 km north of Wiarton, Ontario, registered on the national seismic network, the article stated. Research Scientist Stephen Crane with Natural Resources Canada said a caller alerted him to the incident, which he determined originated at a quarry off of Bruce County Road 9, southwest of the community of Hope Bay. “We do get a lot of quarry blasts that we pick up with our national seismic network. It is a very sensitive network, so we can pick up things like mining events and quarry blasts,” he said. “It is unusual for that area for us to pick one up.” If a quarry blast caused an earthquake, it must have been one hell of a blast.

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