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Playing All The Hits

RR050819 JohnsonMay 9, 2019 – Well, he's not a singer or a DJ that I know of, but he has certainly been on the radio. Last week, Mike Johnson, NSSGA president and CEO, appeared on radio stations in Celina, Ohio, Northwest Washington, and the Quad Cities Region of Iowa and Illinois to discuss President Trump's infrastructure meeting with Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer. Hear what Johnson had to say about that meeting here and about the cost of poor infrastructure here.

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Save the Highway Trust Fund

RR050719 HTFMay 7, 2019– The Highway Trust Fund receives roughly 85% to 90% of its revenue from excise taxes on motor fuel, commonly known as the “gas tax.” Since 1993, fuel tax rates have been fixed at 18.4 cents per gallon for gasoline, and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel. Taxes on tires and heavy vehicles (trucks) make up the rest of the fund’s income. Because the federal gas tax is not pegged to inflation and has not been raised since 1993, the purchasing power of the revenue has eroded over time — over 40% less today than in 1993. What’s more, rising construction costs and the growing needs of an aging highway system have placed a greater strain on the fund, resulting in recurring funding shortfalls in recent years. Want a comprehensive explanation of the Highway Trust Fund? Go to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's page, The Highway Trust Fund Explained.

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Everything's Digital in Texas

RR050619 TexasSPRUsageMay 6, 2019 – The ready mixed, aggregates, asphalt and transportation industries in Texas are leading the country in their advancement of technology. With an exploding population and the growth of high-tech companies, it is no surprise Texas leads in innovation. Stockpile Reports researched digitization efforts across the country and Texas clearly came out on top. Interested in who the company determined as the top five states? Check it out here.

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Republican Supports Doubling Gas Tax

RR050319 Collins2May 3, 2019 – According to a report on The Hill, a republican legislator is calling for the doubling of the federal gas tax and airline fees in order to pay for the $2 trillion infrastructure package being negotiated by President Trump and Democratic leaders. Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) is urging Congress to double the 18.4-cents-per-gal. gasoline tax, which has not been raised in more than a quarter century. He also wants to double the existing fee that airline passengers pay per flight.

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Vulcan Looking Good

RR050219 VulcanLogoMay 2, 2019 – Vulcan Materials released its first quarter report, with aggregates segment gross profit up 25% to $186 million. According to the company, price growth was positive across all markets served by the company. For the quarter, freight-adjusted average sales price for aggregates increased 5.4% versus the prior-year's quarter. Excluding mix impact, aggregates prices increased 5.8% compared to the prior-year first quarter. Pricing was particularly strong in Arizona, California, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Positive trends in backlogged project work along with demand visibility and customer confidence support continued upward pricing movements throughout 2019.

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