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Trump’s Mining Regulation Rollback

The Administration’s Efforts to Unwind Regulations Applicable to the Mining Industry Are Sure to Meet With Pushback.

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Connecticut Quarry Enters Into Legal Battle With Town / Vermont Sand and Gravel Operation Permit Granted / Multiple Quarries Seek Permits in Canadian County / South Carolina Sand and Gravel Proposal Met With Concern


Good Will vs. Self-Interest

Don’t Keep Your Public Relations Officer in a Cabinet on the Wall

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Are You a Good or Bad Role Model?

Your Employees Follow Your Lead Regardless of How You Act.

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Improve Inter-Generational Decision Making

Making decisions is always difficult. It is hard enough when the decision needs to be made by a group of like-minded peers; but the hardest type of decisions to make are those in which there are multiple generations involved in the process. So what do you do? Bringing out the best in the generations impacting your decisions requires four critical approaches to ensure their decision-making involvement stays on track and is focused on moving to a decision outcome that matters.

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