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Boart Longyear Offers Geological Data Services; Instrumentation

This year’s bauma show focused on digitization within the industry as companies transition to the latest technologies to provide more actionable data. Boart Longyear has introduced a number of geological data services and instrumentation over the last few years to complement its drilling services and products divisions. Through the use of these tools and services, Boart Longyear is able to capture and provide valuable geological data and orebody knowledge to geologists and mining companies that creates immediate results for customers.

The company’s instrumentation line-up includes TruShot digital downhole survey technology that was introduced in mid-2018 and is used to capture high-quality, three-dimensional hole path data and to precisely determine the azimuth and dip measurement of boreholes.

Oriented core is increasingly playing an important role in deposit definition and structural analysis. The TruCore core orientation tool provides a solution to determining the true direction of the mineralization of a geological feature, deposit and the associated structure.

Catching the attention of the exploration industry is Boart Longyear’s innovative TruScan onsite core and chip scanning technology. TruScan provides geologists with non-destructive, accurate, high-density elemental concentration data for same-day continuous analysis of drill core.

The LS250 MiniSonic rig was developed for a wide variety of soft ground and shallow drilling projects. Utilizing sonic technology and an innovative advancement system, the MiniSonic rig minimizes friction for more efficient penetration. Its compact design and track-mounted versatility enables access to hard-to-reach drill sites with less environmental impact. The LS250 is CE-certified to conform to Europe’s strict health, safety, and environmental standards.

The company’s innovative line of Longyear diamond coring bits are engineered to drill faster, last longer and outperform existing bits technology, Longyear bits improve shift performance and ultimately put more core in the box. Additionally, the new XQ wireline coring rod will be featured that has an innovative self-aligning thread start geometry to ensures mating threads engage smoothly, without wedging or jamming. Smooth starting, in combination with case hardening, significantly improves productivity and wear life.

In January, Boart Longyear announced its newest top hammer tooling line, the DriftMaster series of rods and bits. DriftMaster rods and bits are designed with a unique thread profile for added endurance and strength in the most demanding tunneling, bolting, and drifting applications.

The new technologies and solutions shown at bauma continue to promote innovation, development and productivity in the construction and mining industries not only in Europe but also throughout the world.

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