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Producers Laud Stockpile Reports’ Aerial Dashboard

Stockpile Reports has launched a new user experience for their aerial flight management dashboard. Customers can now schedule drone flights across their entire company with a few clicks in seconds. A process that used to take a few hours of administrative time is now substantially reduced, giving companies the power to drive efficiencies to new levels. The new aerial dashboard provides complete transparency where users are now able to monitor the status of their flights and reports in one central location. 

SR2David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports, said, “Our top priority is helping our customers become more efficient through digital inventory management solutions. We set out to streamline operations from an inventory management perspective and that’s what we are doing.” Constantly growing, improving, and exceeding customer expectations are top priority items for Stockpile Reports and the new aerial dashboard is another way they are driving efficiencies within bulk material companies. 

Tony Jacobson, vice president of product development for Stockpile Reports, and his team were the driving forces behind the recent development of the newest aerial dashboard. “We worked closely with some of our largest customers who had the greatest need for optimization, efficiency and visibility. With those needs in mind, we developed an incredible solution that exceeds expectations. Customers of Stockpile Reports can now schedule flights in just a few clicks and in a matter of seconds. The dashboard offers complete transparency and accountability throughout all levels of management.”

The new aerial dashboard gives customers the ability to quickly check and monitor inventory status, bulk schedule flights across an entire company and increases accountability throughout organizations. Tyler Stanley, production manager of Irving Materials Inc., said, “The new aerial dashboard will allow us to, at a glance, monitor inventory status and job status for our pilots. Site managers across the entire organization can now more efficiently follow up to ensure inventory tasks are completed on schedule. What may have taken multiple phone calls and emails in the past can now be done with the click of a button. Our team will be more efficient and accountable.”

Mark Bushey, replenishment manager for Pioneer Sand & Gravel, is an avid user of Stockpile Reports inventory tracking tools, including scheduling drone flights. Bushey commented, “Stockpile Reports’ new aerial dashboard makes scheduling flights much quicker and easier. Keeping track of your flights’ status can also now be done at a glance. It’s a huge upgrade.“

Stockpile Reports is a cutting-edge inventory management software platform for bulk material companies. Utilizing aerial flights via drone and airplane, mobile inventory measurement via iPhone, and a fixed-camera solution for logistics, customers are able to streamline their inventory management processes. This latest announcement and release will improve the user experience of the aerial flight management dashboard and change the way customers schedule and manage their flights.

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